Clean Skin fragrance review

It’s said to be bad for a woman to have only one fragrance, because we seem to not be able to smell it after a while if we keep using it – true or false? (Maybe a clever woman once said this to her husband to buy another fragrance!) x

This amazing fragrance have just been introduced to me today and I instantly bought it! The CLEAN series has been out for a while now, I always wanted to stop up and try one of them on, today I had the chance to try a few ones out, I instantly found a favorite and I had to have it! This scent have tickled my fancy due to the Musk scent, I always seem to go for the white musk scents, they are light, understated and gentle and I love that.

This perfume has the most subtle, yet enchanting scent. If you guys haven’t yet tried out CLEAN’s fragrances I would definitely do so now! The price it reasonable and the scents are just dreamy! There is one for every taste I believe, mine is definitely “Skin” – although “Rain” was quite good too! These perfumes are addictive girls, they give you what the name advertise – a clean and nice scent! Who doesn’t love that? x

See you online guys x 


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