Max Factor mascara review

I recently purchased the Max Factor – Masterpiece Transform mascara and I liked it so much, that I decided to review it!

The mascara has a very different brush!


It parts the lashes easily, gives volume to each individual lash and creates length too! I am in love with this mascara, also cause the brush is different, it’s just works! Even though the comb is different, it just seems to work better than regular ones, I love that brush.

The finished result on me, and I am not a make-up artist I’m just a regular make-up crazed enthusiast! So no fancy techniques, no special pre-products.. – Just the mascara!


The mascara just works for my lashes, I have long lashes naturally, but not thick lashes – but this Max Factor mascara gave me that, and made it look natural and beautiful. I hate over doing my mascara, I want it natural and classic, I got that instantly after very few strokes with this mascara.

Do you guys have a favorite mascara? Which ones do you use? Do you use more than one? Later on I’ll show you guys the mascara collection that I have! I am addicted to mascara, and this one is definitely one I’ll re-purchase – It was worth every penny!

See you online guys! x


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