Jupiters Ascending


Today me, my boyfriend and my best friend Jane were at the cinema, super cozy even tho there weren’t too much room, I had heels on, so it wasn’t a treat for my feet lol!

The movie was okay, the storyline was a bit much, some of the characters was over done, but the actors were okay even tho some of the jokes were a bit cheesy, it still had a feel good vibe while watching it. I’d have to say, that I’m not much into Sci-Fi movies, it’s too over done for me most of the times, but it had some moments, I will give it that! The main actors were solid, played the roles nicely and ofc the animations were fantastic, the plot however was just a little disappointing, but if I have to give it a score, it gets three stars out of six! – All because of good animation, decent humor and well played characters.

Have you guys been to the movies lately? What did you watch the last time? I was definitely not thrilled about this one, but it was okay. Think the company was great tho! XD who do you watch movies in the cinema with?

See you online! xx



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