Origins competition!

I just won a lip pen from Origins Denmark and I’m so exited!


It says congratulations to @lifeasmiamariah who has shared this picture on Instagram, you have won a “KissZing” lip pen!

Wohoo! I love Origins, it’s a must have lotion for my face, I can’t live without it, my skin is addicted to it, and I hope their lip pens are gonna be just as amazing as their other products, I will be making a review on the blog of the lip pen and share my experience with you guys!

The winning picture is here, it said “No kisses from this little fella without Origins KissZing”


You guys can also follow me on Instagram, my name is “Lifeasmiamariah” and I would love more followers in there too! You will also be able to follow my life there in pictures!

All you guys from Denmark can still enter the competition – the rules are simple!

Add a picture on Instagram, tag is with KissZing and Origins and OriginsDK and your in! Make sure to use a picture of you sending a kiss to the camera, that’s one of the few rules the competition has! Good luck and do write me if you win, that would be so cool!

See you online guys x


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