A girls best friend!

C H O C O L A T E !

So true though, who does not love chocolate?? XD I am addicted to strawberries and chocolate, my guy just won me over completely with this dessert!

My amazing man made me banana, orange and strawberry covered in chocolate this evening, I think he was pretty romantic, but he thought it got unsuccessful cause the chocolate didn’t wanna stick properly haha.. Poor him! XD


He put such a huge effort into it too, it was adorable watching him in the kitchen, swearing at the chocolate and cutting up fruit, placing it at the platter all nice and fancy, if that’s not love – I don’t know what is! XD He is such a perfectionist and wants things to be just right, where I’m more used to the saying “nothing’s perfect, at least I tried my best” XD

I loved the dessert this evening, it was pretty romantic, and all we used was fruit and chocolate.

Lately I haven’t written a lot of posts on my blog, I’ve been so ill the last two weeks, fever a cold and a bacteria level in my blood that said 119!! I had a sore throat, headache 24/7 and my body was sore and I felt like my hair was gonna fall off when I touched my scalp.. Boo! I finally had to go to the hospital and get some other penicillin treatment, cause the first one I tried, wasn’t helping, and I had two days without being able to eat anything without having to returning it too early… It was a mess! But now with the new penicillin treatment I’m a lot better, ten days with three pills a day, and the treatment stops in two days.

This week my boyfriend traveled here from the UK to spend two weeks in Denmark with me, then the 4th we are catching a plane back to UK together, and then I’m gonna stay there for a week, I can’t wait till he moves here, it’s gonna be amazing! We have so many plans about redecorating the apartment and it’s gonna look amazing here, cause he is a pretty damn good DIY man! x

It’s been some eventful and busy weeks, and I apologize for the absence I had from the blog buys, hope all my followers are doing great and that you have had an amazing valentines! xx

See you online!


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