A tribute to Denmark!

I love my country, anyone who has been to Denmark knows it’s small, cozy, art inspired, expensive at times, beautiful and friendly!

We are the country with probably the most bicycle lanes! We have them everywhere.

We have had many Eurovision wins throughout the years.

We are high on art, design and architecture and that is very visible inside of Copenhagen.

We have more pigs/live stock than we have people.

We are a farmer country, and are almost self reliant on most meat, dairy and grain.

Our capital is near the sea side, where we have tour boats around the canals.

We have the little mermaid on the peer at “Langelinie” and it’s very popular for tourists.

We love traditions and we stick to em, even tho we don’t really have a strong faith in anything. We just like the good old stuff.

We eat roast pork a lot, with boiled potatoes and gravy, we think it’s gorgeous.

Everyone in Denmark owns at least one bicycle per family, and we are proud of it.

We eat way too much at Christmas time and we tend to drink a lot at New Years, but we do watch ourselves normally and tend to exercise and eat healthy when possible.

Almost every city in Denmark have a beach, yep we are truly an island!

You rarely see stray animals run around on the streets in Denmark, and if that happens, it’s because someone lost a pet, and most Danes would actually catch the pet, and bring it home.

We are big on family gatherings, we love sitting around the table, eating a meal, talking about our day and how it’s been and share with each other.

Danish people mostly have one or two children tops, it’s rare to see a couple with more than two.

We never use colored light chains for Christmas – they find it tacky and over the top.

Danish people have mostly white walls, rarely in a color! Maybe one wall with wallpaper – but that’s very modern and “new generation”.

Danes rarely wear any bright colored jackets at winter time, and by god that’s true! Colors are mainly black, grey or navy blue.

We are proud of our Danish designs, and we have at least one designer item in our home, if not more.





14 thoughts on “A tribute to Denmark!

  1. $20 minimum wage? I wish! Here our minimum is about $10, but the living wage is $18… so I don’t know how people who make minimum can afford to live 😦 Luckily in Canada we also have free health care though! Your country sounds positively beautiful; I would love to stay there for a visit!!!

    • Yeah I heard the U.S. and Canada can be hard places to live on a minimum wage, but gosh Canada sounds amazing though! It looks beautiful there, I really wanna go, my boyfriend really wants to go too! 🙂

      • If you do come here, visit British Columbia where I live. The climate is the mildest here; it almost never snows in the winter, but in the summer time it’s not too hot. Plus, it’s beautiful here (our license plates even say Beautiful British Columbia!) 🙂

      • My man says it sounds amazing, we will have to go to Canada and visit British Columbia! Thanks for the great info! 😀

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