Picture perfect!

Hey guys, hope you have a good Monday – even tho Monday is my “no-fun-day” I will try my best to actually enjoy today! (Even tho I’m sick, my throat is sore and I’m real tired and worn – boo!)

Today’s subject is about pictures!
Have you guys one picture where you just feel you looked perfect? The post I made the other day about a dinner out, I snapped a picture of my make-up for you guys to see, and that picture got to be pretty darn great! – Do share your pictures with me, if you have some where you just think they were super duper perfect!

It’s easy to forget to praise yourself and appreciate your body, face and personality! So this Monday-no-fun-day I will just appreciate this latest picture of myself and say “Oh well that’s pretty darn good, and it’s even snapped with an Phone 5s” So all you girls and guys reading this out there – link a picture and share a good picture day with us all and be proud of yourself!

Link the picture, write at least three things or more about why you love your picture and what is great about yourself!


Here is my picture from the other day, and my three things I love about it:

My lips, I really love my lips, their not too big or too small, just as their supposed to be, and they fit my face!

My nails, cause i made them, their gel nails and the polish lasts for at least two weeks, and I love the color, that dark wine is just gorgeous!

My skin, cause I hardly ever have any spots, I treat my skin with a face wash every time I have a shower, that’s dermatology made and since using that, I’ve gotten so happy about my skin! It’s pure and radiant and healthy.

I also love my eye color cause it’s a mix between green and brown, they tend to shift around a bit, and my mom even swears that as a child they never really agreed on what color to be, I like my eyes cause their a bit different, like a dark pond brown/green.. Depending on my clothes! Sometimes their more green, sometimes more brown. I really like that.


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