The Danish GOODIEBOX review

GOODIEBOX is a Danish business, that for about 13 pounds total, delivers a monthly box to your door, with the newest beauty brands and trends!

These guys are always updated on the newest and most exiting things just on the market and sometimes – your actually the first one to be treated to the product, cause it’s not out on the shelves just yet! – If that’s not being spoiled, then what is?! xx






This last month (January) was all about spoiling your body, new beginnings and skin cleanse!

The box as you can see on the pictures above contained:

An amazing Vichy night detox creme, which I’m just addicted to! It cleans your skin and you can feel it doing it, it’s for sensitive skin, so it does not peel, hurt or leave red marks, it just simply does what it says “purify and cleans”

A body scrub from Urban Veda, a British brand, and this darling just had the whole box scented! It has an amazing scent, a flowery one, that makes you think of summer and drinks by the pool! I love using it just simply for the scent, but also it’s an amazing body scrub, I cannot begin to tell you guys how nice this body scrub is, it’s gentle but still removes dead skin and leaves your skin with this gorgeous scent and glow! I will re-purchase this, that’s for sure, I’m a huge fan!

A Matas sports care tester – it’s a muscle heating creme, that it great for massages and warm up of the muscles before a workout, there in menthol and kampher in, and it helps sore muscles of you use it as a massage creme. I will be using this for when I have soreness, and see if it lives up to its name, cause I tend to get really sore legs a lot, so this would be amazing!

A lip tinter from Pixi by Petra in the shade “Orchid Petal” this is a wind up pen, and I’m actually amazed of how much there’s in it! I LOVE that it’s not tested on animals – thank you! And it’s a hydrating and sheer color, that has Shea-butter in, and makes your lips feel cushiony and fuller! I have used it a fair few times already, and I love the feel of it, and it does not smell of too much perfume! It’s a light scent, fresh and almost hidden, and it has only a light tint to it, so it does not make your lips all crazy pale pink – no! 😉

I was a bit unlucky with the delivery, that unfortunately was a night delivery, right to your door – but as I live in an apartment building, that has a locked front door, it apparently did not get delivered properly. I ended up with a message saying it was delivered, but no box! Then I called GOODIEBOX and they send me another right away, with our ordinary postal company called Post Debmark, and when it arrived, I went to pick it up, got home and there was a package lying in front of my door, from the previous delivery company! I was one big question mark!

I contacted GOODIEBOX again, and they told me “oh don’t worry, just keep em’ both and test it out!” – so I have guys, and thank you so much for your amazing costumer service and wonderful help! I loved this box and this month and my second box (February) I will really be looking forward to!

See you online guys xx
Miamariah N.


2 thoughts on “The Danish GOODIEBOX review

  1. Great customer service makes all the difference!!! I love Vichy products and always find them to work well. I feel like most beauty boxes are American, so it’s great that you have a quality Danish beauty box company!

    • Yeah, I do really love Vichy, it’s a quite good brand and they always follow through! 🙂

      Yes many boxes are American and it’s such a shame! Many countries would be fine doing a box themselves!

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