Spring lipstick purchases

The spring is near (Even tho the snow is still on the ground here in Denmark, and the winter won’t let go of the days to come) and for spring, I was thinking to wear some gorgeous lipsticks, some that are light, but still colored! So this spring I chose orange – yes I know it’s sounds insane, but the pictures below will convince you guys completely! It matches a light skin tone, it makes your skin glow and it just has a summer feel to it!








I chose (again) to go for Macs gorgeous lipsticks in the shades: Saigon Summer and Morange!

Saigon Summer is a very light lipstick that tints your lips orange, rather than paint them orange. It’s perfect for everyday wear, and for spring and summertime! The color is warm and that’s the key in every lipstick for a fair skin girl – go for warm colors and it makes your skin glow!

Morange is a more bold lipstick that covers your lips in a fresh orange color, it’s a really bright and happy color that gives this fresh look without being too much, this one is amazing for evenings, parties, dinners out and special occasions.

I love these two shades, what lipstick brand are you guys in love with? Which shades are you gonna use for the spring and summer time, and what shades do you usually wear and find amazing for your skin tone?

See you guys online xx


2 thoughts on “Spring lipstick purchases

  1. I love orangey coral lipsticks for summer but prefer more of a sheer tone than a bright, opaque one. I have a MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick in “Gotta Dash” that is the perfect color for me. Other than that, I usually stick to nudes and pinks. If you want, you should do the Lipstick Tag that I posted on my blog – I feel like you would have fun with it! 🙂

    • Sounds cool, Lipstick Tag, I better go check that out, and yes, “Gotta Dash” is also very nice, just a bit too sheer for me, I want more color, if I want a little nude or sheer, I use “Shy Girl” from Mac, with a lipliner for an edge – that’s pretty awesome for me, or a bit more color but still nude “Spice” also from Mac. 😉 But I agree the shade you use is pretty nice!

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