Sisterhood of the world nomination!

Hey guys!

I’ve been so lucky to receive a nomination from a blogger today, for the “Sisterhood of the world” – thank you so much – here is a link to her blog! Laura Moody I belong to the 60’s | Fashion and food from France

This is the questions she wrote down for me to answer:


What is the last make up / skin care product you bought?

That’s easy! Two amazing lipsticks from the brand Mac, and they are the colors Morange and Saigon Summer

What is the last book you read and liked?

Anita Blake by Laurell K. Hamilton, have the entire collection of 22 books I believe it is!

You only have 5 minutes to make up in the morning, will you do the mouth, eyes or complexion?

Complexion and a quick mascara!

What is the dish you like to cook the most?

I love salmon, I like to steam it and put some lemon juice on it for taste, it’s healthy and delicious x

If I give you $100, what will you spend it on?

I think I’ll spend it on small things I need along the way, nothing major, but spend it wisely and make sure it lasts a while.

What are you favorite shoe brands and clothes brand ?

I love shoes from Aldo and I just bought another pair not long ago! Clothes brand is a bit harder, the regular brand I love shopping from is actually Vila, they have pretty nice stuff, besides Vila I think it’s Soaked in luxury!

What do you love the most about blogging ?

The possibility to write – it’s a passion of mine, and I love giving make-up advice, showing my newest purchases and just seeing people follow my blog and like it, writing is in my blood, I live for it!

What do you think is the hardest about blogging ?

Not giving up I guess? Sometimes it can seem like people never like something I wrote or follow me enough, but it passes and then the followers just flood in! So I guess it’s not giving up and pushing forward, even tho you might be scared about not being good enough.

How many minutes / hours a week do you exercise?

Haha! What’s exercise? – kidding, I don’t really do all that much to keep active, which is wrong I know, but I try to eat healthy and I walk my dog.. But that’s kinda it? Haha I’m a lazy girl, what can I say?

What celebrity’s style do you admire the most?

I don’t really admire celebrities style, I guess I admire the every day woman on the street, that’s dressed in something amazing, cause those are the one who has the most style. Celebs are often dressed by designers and get their clothes for free, nothing amazing about that, but an every day woman, walking on the street, in something that they look gorgeous in, that’s truly something I admire!

Hope you guys got to know a little more about me! It was great fun writing all of this, and again thank you to Laura Moody! It was an honor to be nominated! x


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