Monday is no-fun-day!

Everyone hates Monday’s, and I’m one of them!


Thank god for energy drinks, what would I do without them? Today I spend about an hour at the damn post office, but it’s okay, I finally got my package and people were at least nice! So it was actually bearable! Unbelievable but true, life is always easier when people around you are nice, it just rubs off and makes me happy!

When I got home, I was greeted by a very happy puppy! He loves when I come home, and is always greeting me with this childish joy, that only a dog seems to have, it always makes me so happy to get home, and see him greet me at the door like this. My little treasure, I’m the luckiest doggy mommy! x


Today I have make-up on, my favorite product today is my Mac lipstick called Spice, it’s a warm brown and it just makes my skin glow and my eyes pop! x

Today started out really nice, and had a very good make-up day today, it’s just one of those days that you look in the mirror and say damn, that’s awesome haha! xx

Hope you guys are having a great Monday, even tho it’s the first day of the week and all.. Monday’s are the weeks hate day for me, but today it was alright!


4 thoughts on “Monday is no-fun-day!

  1. That lipstick is perfect for you, and your pup is adorable! I have Mondays & Tuesdays off, so while most people I know dislike them, Mondays are the day that I look forward to. 😉

    • Hi The hair and the heart!

      Thank you so much for the compliments! 🙂 I really appreciate it, and it sounds like you have it pretty awesome at Monday’s! I could live with that! 😉

      The lipstick is one of my favorites too, it’s just perfect for a light skin tone like mine, I was helped out in the Mac store, so I could find a proper shade for my skin and hair, it was the best idea I ever had, I love that lipstick, it matches with everything. 🙂

      Am really thankful that you took the time to comment, that was real awesome of you! x hope you have a great day, and that you will keep following the blog! Always nice meeting new people.

      Mia xx

  2. Great to meet you as well! I love the ladies at my MAC also – they know their stuff for sure. So good to meet you and I look forward to more of your posts (and hope you read my blog too!) ❤

    • I actually just had a read at yours, your very good at writing – and pretty funny too I might add! 😉 I followed you and am gonna keep track of your blog! It looks pretty cool x

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