The Mac prep and prime!

I tried many products through the years to conceal my dark circles under my eyes, my skin is very thin under my eyes which results in some darker circles, that can look pretty bad if not concealed proper, but I think that I finally found something to cover it up nicely!


The Mac Prep+Prime is a highlighter that’s made for covering up darker rings around the eye area! It’s easy to apply, does not clot and do not look fake or unnatural at all! The pen is just fantastic, and to a fair price too.

The color is “radiant rose” the only one to go for, if you want to use it for dark circles, and it just simply do its job! I am happily surprised and am definitely gonna buy it again!

The creamy highlighter is applied with a pencil of your own choosing – just don’t use a real hair pencil, cause they do end up clotting and looking messy! Their so hard to rinse again!

Hope to see you guys around, do share, follow and like this post if you found it useful, I would be very grateful!

See you online xx


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