(I edited this picture, so everyone knows the price)

If interested go to this site

The first time I am going to try this, it’s a Danish make-up goodie box, also called GB, it has been shared with me many times, from many Danish bloggers and I have had the interest to try this out for quite some time, for me, this month, I really hope to get some mascara, or concealer or lipstick! I hope that it will be something that I can make a visible review of, that’s why I really want some make-up in this box, so you guys can see the products on.

I am so exited, have any of my Danish blogger followers tried the GB boxes? How was your experience, and would you recommend buying it? I can’t wait to get mine in the door, hope there is a lot of nice make-up to try on, and make great reviews on, so I can keep recommending products for you guys!

See you online! x


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