My day in pictures




Went to the doctor this morning, only to find out that I again have bacteria in my blood… Sigh! So now, a three pills a day for ten days treatment – fantastic… I hate penicillin.

My dad took my little sister and I out for Chinese, where I had lovely food, soda and a glass of wine, that instantly made me tipsy, due to me being ill.. Oops! Oh well, it tasted good! x

Today I have been running around after the puppy, trying to not make it pee in my apartment, and sleeping most of the day, to try and make my immune system recover.. Lucky me!


This is the little devil setting my anger on some serious tests! Lol.. Good job that I’m much more stubborn than he is!

Hope you guys had a better day, even though the day was actually fine, I could have been happier without my illness and the dog peeing everywhere! x


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