New hair color!



I just colored my hair, I decided that I needed a mini change, and that my hair looked a bit boring, so I went from a dark brown to a dark blond! 🙂

I used a hair toner, a much more gentle product to make your hair lighter!

I feel pretty happy about the results and this is 100% something I would like to use again!

Have you guys a favorite hair color? Do share, I’m really intrigued to see what hair colors you guys love!


2 thoughts on “New hair color!

    • Hi Segmation, no I will probably keep this for a while – it suits my skin tone quite nice, better than the dark brown! This color is a .. Yeah very light brown or a very dark blond! 🙂 Since its only done with a lightner and not a proper color, I am not 100% blond! Luckily haha.. 😉

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