Mac lipstick review

I bought two lipsticks from Mac, one of them a pale skin tone pink, called “Shy Girl” and another one that was a dark plum, the opposite of the other, called
“Hang up”!

Here is what they both looked like, and I’m sorry the coloring is not really doing “Hang Up” that much justice, it’s a bit darker in reality! I’ll have to make a movie of the lipstick later maybe! XD



The pictures above shows the color “Shy Girl”, this is an amazing skin tone color, that I just adore! It goes with everything!



This one is the one I have been anxious about, for this make-up, it looks a bit too much, but maybe with a classic eyeliner and some good mascara, it will really pop! I love this shade, even though it’s not shown to perfection on these pictures.

What shades of Macs lipstick do you guys have? I loved these two, both of them are great! One for everyday stuff, and the other for evening wear! 🙂

The lipsticks applies easily, does not smear like some do, and lasts pretty good! I used some lip balm under the lipsticks to really make it look smooth and nice on my lips!

See you online guys! x


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