Food for thought!

This evening when I couldn’t sleep, I started researching new recipes and decided that I wanna cook more versatile food! I found some really interesting ones, and it’s exiting to be cooking something different for a change!


The other week I made this smoothie, from only strawberries and crushed ice, the strawberries are from my own garden, I find it important to know where most of my fruit and vegetables are from, and what better way, than to grow it yourself?

So I had this healthy smoothie, and read a good book, and yes the glass is from Hard Rock, but there is no alcohol in! XD It’s a souvenir from one of my many visits to Hard Rock, it’s one of my favorite places to go, the drinks are great and the food is gorgeous! x While having the smoothie, and reading, I started to think, that it could be nice, trying out more new recipes!

Soon I will start cooking a bit differently, I think it will be fun to try new things, I wanna make my own bread more, make great desserts and I wanna make Thai courses more, having been to Thailand, I fell in love with the dishes there and now I want to make some of them myself!

See you online guys! x


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