My secret to pure skin


My secret is called Neutrogena, its made by dermatologists and has a fresh and deep clean effect, that leaves your skin clean, refreshed and awoken, ready for a new day! My boyfriend was the one who introduced me to this amazing face wash / face mask, believe it or not!

It was the day after New Years eve, we both felt rough, and we had a fair amount to drink that evening, so when we finally crawled out of bed, I had a slight headache, and I was feeling like a zombie. We took a shower, and he said I should try his face wash, and well, I did.. The effect was amazing! After a night with drinking, being 26 years old and not up for a night with heavy drinking, like when I was younger, I felt amazing after having that face wash on, and with a bit of painkillers, this face wash / mask, and some food and plenty of water, I was actually fine!

I love treating my skin good, especially my face, it’s very important to me how I look, it gives me confidence. Clean skin is the first step to good confidence for me, and this deep cleansing wash / mask is the way to get it. The brand Neutrogena is developed by dermatologists, and that makes me trust this product even more.


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