I won again!

Hi guys!

During Christmas I entered a lot of these Christmas-calendar competitions, and I actually won some, insane but true!

First I started out winning products for my two sisters and myself from The Bodyshop! So I actually won a huge box of goodies to share amongst us, it was incredible, and I love, love, looove their products, their brilliant!


Then I entered a competition on one of my favorite blogs, the blogger that owns this blog, had a Christmas-calendar competition too, and I won products from Origins, which I needed so bad, cause I just ran out of skin care for my face, and this one is amazing girls, truly is! It decreases greasy skin, rinses pores and makes your face glow, and I love it! Their make-up remover is amazing, cause it just washes your make-up away so fast, and not much product have to be used, and it’s not a harsh product to use on your skin, cause my skin is sensitive, and I thrive with this cleansing milk!


Today, I was so insanely lucky to win yet another competition! One from my local grocery store named “Bilka”, and this time I won a 16GB USB! So now I can look forward to a USB being sent my way, that’s just insane! – I will promise to snap a pic of the USB when it arrives, I am so exited!

Did you guys enter any Christmas competitions this year, and did you win any? – I would love to hear, post away below in my comments, feel free to browse my website, in the new year, I wanna expand my blog site, blog a lot more and hopefully reach a lot more likes, followers and meet some cool people!

See ya online guys! x


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