What did I get for Christmas?

As promised, a list of the amazing presents I received for Christmas, complete with pictures and descriptions!

First of all, the most goofy present I received of all, was from my boyfriend, he bought me a “Mystery Box” and here is the things that was in the box!

A milk-cup light, that shines in my kitchen at night now!
A disgusting candle, probably the center of the attention at Christmas too, cause everyone had to have a sniff at this vile thing!
A picture of the mystery box itself and a chart of what was in the box, one of the things that was in it is not pictured, it’s a slushie cup!
A banana umbrella called “umbanana” haha!
And last but not least a bottle opener, disguised as a Mexican wrestler!






My parents then gave me a sound system from Bose, a gorgeous present, that I am very thankful for, and I love very much, and yep I have already used it!


Then I received a gift certificate from my bigsister, her husband and their kids, it’s for IKEA, and was just what I wished for! Now I can get a bit of new furniture for my place!


Then my boyfriend gave me a comic book, with my favorite villain! The Joker! I simply love it!


Then my little sister and her boyfriend gave me a top and a shirt to put over it! A bad picture, I know but it was all I had at the current time! It’s from Selected, and I love it!


Then my boyfriend gave me yet another present! This one is a headset, from “UrBeats” in my favorite color, a present that was quite needed and very appreciated, cause my headset broke, but it was a cheap and very boring one tho!


The last present I got, I don’t wanna post here, cause it’s very private and means a great deal to me, again my boyfriend who gave me yet another present for Christmas, this one was a big poster, with pictures from our first two vacations together in the UK, text messages we wrote each other that was real funny, and it is shaped as a big heart, and I simply love it!


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