My busy Christmas!

Well to start it all off, my boyfriend and I spend our first Christmas together, and I have been sleepless for two whole weeks, before he went to visit me, it was the first time he had to see Denmark, my family, my friends and my place, and I was terrified!

I literally got no sleep what so ever, I had maybe three hours of sleep tops at night, for two straight weeks, cause of the anxiety and anticipation of him, coming here, and if he would like this country, my place, my friends and especially my family!

But everything just seemed to run smoothly when he arrived, he got to meet my dad at the airport, my bigsister “stalked us” at the parking lot outside my place, embarrassing! XD She had spend the day at my place, like we do often, and when I left with my dad to pick up my boyfriend at the airport, she was waiting for us at my little sisters place, which is very close to where I live – in a block nearby to be exact! So I had my Bigsister greeting us at the parking lot, my little sister and her boyfriend hanging out of her window, yelling hi after us, and he also met my dad – all in one evening, poor man!

It was a little funny, but also I felt kinda bad for him, having to meet so many, in such a short time! But I think everyone was dying to know, what guy I had been dating and flying over to see in the UK two times, and the expense was just too big for them haha!

Christmas got celebrated with my bigsister, her husband and their two kids, my little sister and my parents, so he met quite a few people! Christmas morning, was also packed with people, all of them from Christmas eve, and then my auntie and uncle too! We were 11 people in my flat! But it was cozy and amazing and I loved every second of it!

I took him to a few places so he could see some of Denmark, we saw the very famous “Little mermaid” at Langelinie peer, then we saw the Opera house, the queens gardens, the castle inside the city “Amalienborg” and then we saw the museum at “Amalienborg” that showed old dresses, all the royal family’s pictures, the study’s that has been used and how they looked through the time. We also went to the movies and saw The Hobbit 3 and went to a few shopping malls and had some nice dinners out.

All in all, the weeks he spend here, at my place, has been amazing, fun and relaxing!

– And to top an amazing holiday off, we even had a white Christmas!


– Stay tuned guys, next time I will show you pictures of my years harvest of Christmas presents and tell you guys who have given them to me! (You won’t be disappointed, there is some pretty interesting ones amongst my harvest this year, that I cannot wait to show you!)

– Last but not least, pictures of things we saw during his stay here in Denmark!















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