Looking back at 2014

How was my 2014? What do I wish to add to my resolutions in 2015? What do I wanna remember and what did I treasure in 2014?

It was first of all a year of new-found confidence in myself, a year where I found strength and pursued happiness, the beginning of 2014 was dark for me, and hard, filled with a lot of mistakes and things that I wished I had taken care of in 2013 or even the year before that.

Here is a little resumé of events:

A trip to Thailand in the beginning for 2014 in late February was a welcomed event and I fell in love with the country, the people and of course the faith they have! (I have always been into buddhism) I learned to stand tall in Thailand, speak up and to be a bit on my own, in a different country. I was there with my mom and sister, and they weren’t fond of speaking too much english, so I jumped in and translated and spoke, ordred and took charge. I went off on my own, to explore Thailand too, which was amazing and relaxing and an eye opener, that showed me, that I can be on my own, and be just fine.

A break up with my ex was also one of the events that occured in 2014, a goodbye to six years of relationship, but not in my case with sadness, but relief and a new-found condidence and strength. It was not the right thing for me, and I did not feel happy, and being with someone should make you happy. It seemed to get me down all the time, and I felt that I was walking down a very wrong path in my life. It was for the best, and it taught me to live alone in my flat, and to appriciate myself and the friends that chose to support me through this difficult and turbulent time, rather than to judge me and point fingers.

A garden plot was rented, and I spend a lot of time there, growing my own vegstables, flowers and fruit and tending to my plants, it was relaxing, just like therapy and I needed to do a lot of thinking and soul-searching in 2014, and that, I did in my garden, my little escape, and my place of solitude. I love my garden, and am keeping it in 2015, where I want to do even more gardening, and grow more healthy vegstables and fruit, that I can take with me home and cook/eat. That garden was my escape from a turbulent time in my life, and it made me so happy.

Two sisters finding eachother. My bigsister has been at my place a lot in 2014 ever since I got to be on my own, and we have found strength in eachother, and become a lot closer, I am truly blessed to have her in my life and I can’t help but think, that closing one door always opens another, this year I closed many doors, but also opened many, and one of the doors I opened, and that I am very thankful for, is this one. My bigsister and her youngest son, has been stopping by my place a lot, and we have watched movies, had take-out, went out for photo-shoots with the dogs, and had many hours of happiness together, and a lot of bonding. Things have been so much easier this year, with my bigsister around, and I could not be happier to have such an amazing sister!

Finding happiness was not easy, it was frustrating, hard and turbulent but also so rewarding and heart warming and a healing experience for me, a time of growth and self-awareness. A new chapter of my life started in year 2014, where I found the man I wanna spend my life with and where his family also became my family. Two trips to the UK has been made in the year of 2014, where I went by myself, to be with the man I love, and I have gotten a lot more confident traveling alone, and being in another country on my own. The relationship grew so fast, and became so much more than I ever hoped for or dreamed of, we are so happy in eachothers company, and I feel stronger, more organized and just so full of curage and drive when I am with him. This is how I want to be, this is the person I wanna be when I am with someone I love. I did not only become someones girlfriend and joined his family, but I also became a bonus mom for three adorable kids, and started a fantastic friendship with the mother of the kids too. I feel surrounded by happiness and I have never experienced so much love, my heart has not only healed, it has also grown. I found so much happiness in England in 2014 and for that, I am truly grateful.

The things in 2014 that I wanna keep:

My fantastic garden, staying as close to my sister as I became in 2014 and my amazing boyfriend and his whole family, my friends that supported me through rough times.

For my resolutions in 2015 I wanna add:

Being more active, getting more confidence in myself and believing that I can accomplish things I set my mind to, spending more time with the kids.

I know I neglected the blog a bit, and for that I am truly sorry, but 2014 has been a hard year, but an eye opener! In 2015 I will write a lot more amazing stuff about make-up, outfits and styles and decoration! Be aware, the posts will be raining down in here, have a good 2015 people, and I hope you had a great year in 2014, and have a lot of fantastic things to take with you into the new year!


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