New additions!








I bought all new sandals, cause I adore the brand, it’s Bianco leather sandals and I absolutely love them! Have a pair in pink but they are pretty worn now, so I decided to get a new pair this year!

Mascara!! This one I’m holding is my new favorite! And the eyeliner is also amazing, both from Maybelline! One by one mascara – waterproof and the masterpiece eyeliner! Their amazing.. Then a waterproof eyeliner – for the wet line, from gosh, called let’s twist! It’s pretty damn good and stays on for ages, I only use it for my upper wet line on my eyes tho! (Else I think it gets too dark!)

Also a new and awesome thing “Brow Drama” brow mascara, from Maybelline! It’s addictive and gives a little tint to your brows, without looking fake! It’s just plain brilliant!

Then a new dress from Vila, a fantastic dress, even more fantastic cause I am a small in this dress haha! It has a very classic look and I think it looks amazing! Was very cheap too, 170 DKK! Very affordable..

Then I have gotten new wine glasses for my birthday, from my sister, their with a cute trim on, and looks absolutely adorable! Now my old IKEA glasses can be thrown out! SUCCESS!

The picture of me “air kissing” my dog is where I am wearing Maybelline’s Brow Drama, you can’t see is amazingly well, but well better than nothing! I’m also wearing it on the pic where I’m showing off my new mascara and eyeliners!


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