Gina Tricot treasures


Four new beauties to my closet was added last month (June), and I have loved all of them. The summer this year has been hot! The light and very classic top (picture one) is a hit for me, and I love wearing it! My best features is by far my neck and shoulders, and it shows it off perfectly in this fantastic and simple top! I enjoyed having the two regular just above the knee short dresses on this summer (Picture two and three), their light and fit perfect, for a warm summer day, and you look good at the same time, and for almost no money! (DKK 150,-) The last dress, (picture four) needs some alterations, cause I am a short girl, so I need to fix it up a little bit, and take a bit of the bottom, but its worth it, cause it really suits me, when I’m wearing it!

All in all, my money has been spend pretty wisely and I feel like a million bucks in these four items! Gina Tricot is by far one of my most beloved clothes items at the moment. Its great clothes, for almost no money, who can argue with that? *happy dance* Their underwear is also amazing, I can only add that its too bad that they don’t offer more variety, and some bra’s with no push-up. (The only ones with no push-up has a bad fitting for me to be honest)


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