Pretty in pink

I found an old friend!




Today I had a busy day, and just now, I found the time to sit down, relax and look at my old nail polishes, and had to apply one of them instantly. The amazing O.P.I polish called ”PINK-ING of you” is a fantastic shade of pink, a very light and amazingly feminine one actually. (Without being too little girl-ish) Summer tan skin, and this amazing color, and your good to go, for your perfect summer look! I have been missing my summer tan, and now I am showing it off with this perfect polish. I found this adorable shade of pink, in a box of two, one with glitter and then this shade, they are cancer awareness polishes, and I had to have them, when I saw them in the store! They look amazing together too, a fantastic mix. But right now, due to the perfect summer tan that i achieved by a lot of hard garden work, in my new garden plot (just got it this summer), I can rock this polish all on its own!


I had a lot of good experiences with O.P.I and I can only recommend this brand to anyone who wants an easy removable polish, that does not chip too easy!


One thought on “Pretty in pink

  1. ooh I love this pink!! 🙂 I haven’t bought an OPI shade in forever, but this is making me think of going back 😉 ❤

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