I added two new lifesavers to my make-up!

My make-up lifesavers


I love looking good, like every other girl, and the best thing, is looking good without having to try hard! Thats why I love the easy fix-ups and the natural look so much, for every day things, and I find it gorgeous to be natural and good looking, and then go all out with my make-up to parties instead, the natural look just works for me!

Today I added two new brilliant things to my make-up today, I was at the pharmacy with a good friend of mine and I saw the E.L.F make-up was on sale, so I had a look. I found a fantastic lipstick/gloss Luscious Liquid Lipstick – Nude Pink,  Its pretty relaxing and nice looking, without being totally over the top. I am not too much into the extreme colors, only when I go out, so Its nice to add a regular lipstick to my collection. The other thing I found was Clear Mascara – Wet gloss for Lash & Brow, that’s pretty much perfect to keep track of your eyebrows, and if you don’t feel like applying mascara to your lashes, then its a nice change, more natural and still good looking.


Snapped a pic so you guys can find the two items and see if you also find them a must have in your make-up collection, i certainly did!



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