The beauty talk, Truth or Dare!

Truth or dare?

Well this is a subject that I have thought about a lot, and I pick truth, cause I dare to be honest. You guys don’t know how my pictures have been taken, or what I do to them or if I even do anything to them! You have no clue, and I will show you some of my pictures and explain some things along the way, cause today, the subject ”beauty” is very often mentioned, and it is something that every girl thinks a lot about. -Thats a damn shame girls, you are perfect, in every way! Life is too short to be insecure and worried about how you look, you need to live it and enjoy it!

I am an educated multimedia designer, and I know how to work Photoshop, and if I feel like it, I do that! I find it fun, I enjoy editing a picture, and looking at the outcome, learning something new and exiting. I, like every girl, want to feel beautiful, but that is not easy today, everyone is so worried about how they look, they forget to just appreciate what they already have!




Picture no. 1: I have really long hair right here! You know what? It’s clip on hair girls! A little picture editing in the form of lighting, but no retouch here, I did not really need to touch this pic up, but clip on extensions right here, and I bought them on, easy! But again, beauty is something that comes from the inside..



Picture no. 2: This is made in Instagram, the lighting is bright, and it pretty much makes your face ”perfect”, I used a straightening iron, and some hair powder, to make my hait look thicker and carefully applied make-up.. But everyone can apply pretty make-up girls, you are perfect in how you are, on the inside, not in the reflection in the mirror.



Picture no. 3: My final one and actually my favorite edit, see my eyes? My eyes are purely edited, in reality their a very dark green, with brown specks in them, not golden brown at all! I retouched the ”lines” under my eyes too, Photoshop is amazing! Do you look a tiny bit tired? Oh well, retouch it away! – And do you feel like you look fat on that picture you just took? Don’t worry, you can shade the picture! Look at my chest and neck, all the shadings, are all edited. This picture went through major work, the one of few I really did a number on, but I don’t really mind, I find it fun and interesting to edit pictures, but sometimes I do wonder, if I send out the wrong impression to everyone reading my blog.


Looks is not all, looks can lie, be changed or Photoshopped! I think its sad, that so many girls get their body altered and feel ugly, cause there is a reason we are different, cause looking alike would be damn boring.. Every single one of you are beautiful, we just gotta accept the little flaws we have and love ourselves for them, cause life is not perfect, it is full of imperfections, and I too, am also imperfect! -In my own perfect way!


Love you guys, take care!


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