Busy bee aka me!

Cozy day with sis!



Today I had my yearly shopping spree with my little sister and I bought a lot of nice new things, mainly make-up, and a black bra haha.. I always seem to have more white bra’s than I have black, so I needed one more, just in case kinda.. The make-up I bought? Well.. It was kinda plain today really, a concealer from L’Oreal called ”True Match” and some Depend nail polish, a top coat and a bottom coat and then a nail polish remover, with vitamins in, that moisturizes your skin around your nails, instead of drying it out.. So that’s kinda neat! I always get so dry skin around my nails when I remove my polish, and it really sucks, so I am trying this one out!

The L’Oreal True Match concealer is a pretty damn good one, and I tried it in a store, I got a mini bottle test home, and I fell in love, it has almost every damn skin tone too! It is fantastic, truly! I can recommend this one for sure! It has a soft touch to it, and just melts into your skin and makes it look untouched and flawless. No ugly dusty powdery finish! Just a pure look, and that defiantly a huge plus for me.. As natural as possible!

And yes, that is my Shellack and its still lasting, I applied it Christmas morning, and it lasted till New Year’s Eve, and until now. Its a great polish and you can find it on Amazon, actually right here and its a very decent price, but remember that you need an UV light to make it dry you guys! Else it will never dry, and a bottom and top coat is pretty important too, makes it last longer and look better! – I am a HUGE fan of Shellack, and I swear it lasts for a week and about two weeks if you are careful with it! It is amazing..


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