Dad, this is for you

Thank you dad

You have been my rock, for so many years, been my biggest fan and my best friend for decades now.. Even tho I have failed, and wronged you, and been angry without no reason, or just a pure pill – as a teenage girl can be, I have always loved you, I hope you know that.

I feel that I can tell you anything, and your honest towards me, never mean, always kind, and trusting. Your the best dad a girl could ever wish for, and now at the age of 25 summers, I finally see the effort you put into raising me, and how much you really loved me, even tho I have been difficult, and pestering you much of the time.

Your my hero you know, one I will strive to be as, if I ever have kids myself. Your hard working, clever, always in a great mood and you never try to be anyone else but yourself – if people don’t like you, its their loss, never yours, and you don’t even bat an eye at it. Your a confident person, with a job you worked very hard for, which you have kept for half a lifetime, a role model I am proud to look up to, and I will never stop looking up to you dad.

You fought for me, and you never really got a thank you, but now you have, cause I do know how much effort you have put into making my life full of happiness and support. You do not choose your parents, but if anyone asked me, I would have chosen exactly the same. You and mom have had a great impact on how I turned out, and I am proud to call you guys my parents. I am a better person because of you.


My parents and my at graduation, Køge business academy

Studying Multimedia design 2013

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