Twinkle, oh yes twinkle!

OPI polish and face care!


I have had some amazing days lately, and this weekend have been seriously busy, so I was pretty happy to be able to relax Thursday, before everything kinda happened.

I had a hot relaxing shower, then used a my reg shampoo and conditioner, and after that a hair mask, to strengthen my hair, and protect it, then I used a face scrub, and after the shower, I used a face peel off mask. The hair mask is from a hairdresser in Denmark called STUHR, The scrub and peel I used is from Matas and I simply love them, they really work! Then after the peel off mask, I added a nice soothing and refreshing cream from Dr. Scheller, designed to moisturize and protect against dry skin, this cream is amazing, cause its 100% free of silicons, mineral oils and synthetic coloring agents, and is dermatologically tested! I love that cream, and I have the night cream too, its fantastic, I can highly recommend it!

While I had my face mask from Matas on, that needs to dry for like 20 min, I applied a new nailpolish from OPI, which is amazing! Its called ”The world is not enough” and is such a cute pale pink/silvery glitter, and I seriously LOVE it.. Gosh it is the one polish I would not attend a party without, its adorable!

I nicked some pictures of the face treatment cream etc online, so you guys can see what products I use, and maybe try them out yourself, they really do show results, makes your skin glow and very healthy!

Those two here, are ofc with Danish writing (Very sorry everyone who aren’t Danish!) But basically its a face scrub, and a face mask, that you peel off, and both cleans your skin from dead cells, clogged pores etc. These are pretty cheap, and they just work! I simply love these two babies, their 100% a re-purchase!

My nail polish, is quite amazing, here is some shots that I made, and some I found online!

The polish is called ”The World Is Not Enough” and is a pale pink and silver glittery polish, thats just amazing for a night out with the girls! I love how easy OPI’s polish is the apply, and how fast it tends to dry! Its not a ”shellac” but it truly is a good regular nail polish, and its amazing and worth the money! Right now, in the Matas store, there is a buy two, get three offer, and I bought two (I will share the other new polish with you guys later), and then gave my sister the third one, and she ofc picked it out herself! We just really do love OPI.

The end result of a nice face treatment and some good nail polish just works wonders, and its a huge self-esteem boost! I do this little ritual every week, at least once a week, sometimes twice, and my skin loves me for it! You gotta treat your skin with great care as a woman, you have it your whole life, and throughout your life, you apply a lot of make-up, that dries it out, so care for your skin girls!


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