To fold or to raise

In life you have to know when to pick your battles, and lately, on the job front, I picked my battles.

When you know you will never thrive at the place you work, and you tried your best, but it got you no where, what do you do? Do you raise your stakes, keep on fighting, even though your not really happy about having to make such a big effort out of things, but loving the field you work in. Being miserable at the job, but loving the work you do?

Or do you fold, keep the shred of dignity you do have left, and try to start somewhere new, where you feel that you can be appreciated and feel like your being build up, not torn down.

Its never fun being new in your field, especially when your in the IT business, that always changes and expands, where you always have to learn new things – even though this also makes it exiting to me. But being all new, and working for a company, that expects everything to be perfection, but you not being able to meet their expectations, is hard.

So I folded, I decided that meeting early, going home late, a 9 hours a day job, was not for me, especially when I did not get any recognition for the hours I put into it, and the work I tried my best to do, with no help what so ever. Its a slap in the face to be blunt, and next time I go searching for a job, I will make sure that the company agrees, that when I am new, I am allowed to ask questions to become better, and I need a period where I will be trained up in the field, so I know everything perfectly, before they expect me to work as a self-reliant designer.

Maybe it was a weak-ass thing to do? Maybe it was wrong of me to fold that fast? But I feel good about my choice, cause a job for me is passion. Its not your life or your husband, its your hobby and your passion, something you love waking up to in the mornings, and something you would feel empty without.

I hope that I will find the right company to work for soon, I know its out there.


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