VICHY Hyaluspot testing!

My first test product!


I tested the new VICHY anti-blemish lotion, that I was one of the lucky few to have arriving at my door yesterday morning, I am very happy that they choose me to test their new product, and have repaid them by writing a blog about their new and exciting product, here is my thoughts:


When I hear the word ”Anti-blemish” its mostly just pure disbelief that comes to mind really. I have learned that VICHY have made a really amazing product, and that it actually works. After just one day, my blemishes has been reduced, and the redness around the area has disappeared completely, it says on the pack, that in 24 hours its reduced, and that is quite true, but I must admit that I had my doubts about that to begin with! This lotion does not stick, or feel irritating on your skin, it simply cools your skin, cleans it, and keeps it sealed, so you can’t touch your blemish, and infect it even more. By touching your attacked area of the skin, it keeps getting more and more infected, and thats how the blemish adds up in your pores. This lotion has Anti-bacteria in it, so its really no hocus pocus, its simply just cleansing and sealing.


I will certainly buy this product in the near future, because it really does work, it removes and cleanses at the same time, and in 24 h its almost gone, so the day before a party, you can still save the blemished skin, and look amazing! Best thing is, its not a treatment that’s harsh to your skin! I have a really sensitive skin, and it just works for me, no reddened spotting, no itching, no dried skin, just pure clean soft skin, and no blemishes. – One of the best solutions that I have ever tried!


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