Looking back at the past few weeks, I have realized that the Easter holidays has recharged my batteries, and that I more than ever just want this exam to be passed with flying colours – and more.. I have been dreaming about having a great education, and soon I have one! It’s a wonderful thing, knowing that this is almost the end of a great chapter of your life, that you got smarter and better at something!

I want my final exam to be great, a last fantastic effort and show of strength, cause I know I’m good enough, I know that I will pass, cause if you do everything in your power to succeed, then you will.

I’m lying in bed, in my beautiful apartment, looking out in the darkness of the night, wondering what will become of everyone I know in twenty years, will they be something amazing? Me finishing this education, makes me know I will be something great in the future, I just know I will cause a good education builds a good bridge for a great job. But the expectations, the thought of what I will be and what will happen, it just sends butterflies fluttering around in my stomach..

I’m high on life right now, lying here with a huge smile on my face, knowing that there is one exam left, one final show of strength and worth, and I will do anything possible to go home with a great grade.

I think that I will need to thank my student counsellor, for not letting me quit on her, for her believing on me, and making me believe in myself. She is an amazing woman, and so is my teachers.

A very wise man once taught me, before he passed (bless his soul), that if I needed to do anything, and I doubted myself, then I should repeat these words “I need to, because I have to” I still get teared up by thinking of him, he was a very dear friend.

Now it’s up to me to show everyone that I have what it takes to graduate and get my diploma, and I will make that happen, cause I need to and I have to! Creativity is in my blood, and this is my way to show it.


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