Question round!

Q and A:

Today a great blog friend of mine, are asking me a ton of questions, and im anwsering as hones as possible!


Q: Dinner with your family or a drive with one you love?

A: Dinner with my family, cause I love having dinner with them.


Q: Nail polish or eye shades?

A: Nail polish for sure! Its cute and less ”out there”


Q: Favorite travel locations?

A: Japan, Mexico and Thailand!


Q: Jeans or a dress?



Q: Swim or jogg?

A: Swim, I love the water!


Q: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, or Tom Cruise?

A: Johnny Depp, Im into dark and mysterious rock types!


Q: What would you do if you hit a car while parking?

A: Give the people my details, its only fair..


Q: Would you give your fiancé your Facebook password if he asked?

A: Yes, and I have pressed ”remember my password” so he could just log in.. Secrets poisons the mind.


Q: What would you do if you got attracted to another guy?

A: I would be honest and tell my fiance about it, but I would never leave him or cheat on him, what we have is love, and pure, lust is often felt, but its vain and nothing special..


Q: What makes you angry?

A: Bad friends, lies, cheating and people killing each other.


Q: In the relationships, are you the one ”wearing the pants” or is he?

A: Im probably the one wearing the pants… Yep.. But I do make sure that he approves.


Q: If you ever had the chance to go abroad and settle, where would you go?

A: The states, I love the thought of living there, speaking english all the time!


Q: Summer or winter?

A: Summer..

Thank you to Daniyal Ali for all the questions!

He also writes a blog, wich I follow, so do read his posts.. He is quite brilliant!


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