A doggy day!

Walks, treats and websites!

My little dog Sammi, taking a nap!

Today I had one of my best friends over! Her and her boyfriend was here having a nice dinner with me and Alex. We took two long walks with the dogs, surfed for doggy things online, and discussed good treats! Line – my good friend is giving her dog raw meat, wich is one of the most pure foods you can give your dog, and her dog being a Chinese Crested, its even better for his skin. I am all about the doggy food being bought from http://www.Olivers.dk and love the way they make their food. My dog just dosent eat anything, and this food is something he loves! So we talked alot about different type of food, treats, websites and so on.. I told her about the website http://www.smartdog.dk, who sold little treat bags that you could clip on your leash and train with them on the moove, it is really perfect! Sammi has gotten alot better the last few months due to the treats being with us the whole time, and him understanding what he is doing is great, and getting rewarded instantly.


We found a lot of super cute stuff on smartdog.dk and one of them was this black bow tie, its adorable! So we splurged a bit, I got four bows for Sammi, two in red and two in beige, their so pretty and will fit him great, and the price was so low, that it just made it all worth it! Even getting it to the front door was free, just super perfect.. So we went a bit crazy, and got some nice things for the dogs!


What websites do you guys shop a lot on? Im mostly a fond user of Amazon, their brilliant and their fast shipping makes it worth your while!


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