I proved you wrong..


This is simply to all the bad friends I have had over the years, starting from school and up till’ now. A nice and well put ”fuck you” is in order, cause I did prove people wrong, and I did do something great with my life, and I am exited about what lies ahead. The past has been rough, and I have had friends who belived they were so much better than me, and their parents even encouraged them to belive so. Why cant people just think themself equal? I always thought of myself mostly as equal, until the person either did something so retarded that I just couldent view them in that way, or something so down right evil that I wouldent want to spend a minute longer in their presence, but either what – they had to ruin it for themself.

Me finishing my education has truly amazed alot of people, especially when they find out wich education im finishing. I guess it just sounds fancy? But I cant help but feel a little pissed in some way, that they ever truly doubted me, that they belittled me so much, cause friends should never even be able to think of such things, they should be supportive and caring.

– I will share a small story with you guys, that has left a little scar behind, so you can see why I am so terribly offended now.

When I was a young teen, I went to a fancy private school in the suburbs and I had a good friend named C. She had folks who truly loved and spoiled her rotten, wich was great for her, but horrible for me, cause I got the ”shit parts” of that spoiled little brat, and I thought she treasured me as a sister, a kindred spirit – Oh how wong I was.

When I finished school, we went our seperate ways, I went to a higher type of education than her, she took a business school, and I choose to get a higher one, cause my parents said it would be smart.. When I went to tell C that I got in, she told her folks ofc, and a few weeks after, she told me they said ”Too bad you dident choose the same, cause she is dumber than you, and now she will have a higher education.” She just told me, straight out, just like that, no flinching, no embarassment.. I was speachless! I was always less, I had always been in their eyes, and somehow I had always known, but it never hurt me, till’ now…

That episode right there, wasent the thing that made me stop being her friend, and I loved her as a sister, I really did. When we got even older, her parents thought I would try to steal away her boyfriends, cause I was just that cheap… And I was oh’ so jealous of her, and how pretty she was. So not true.. I never once liked any of her boyfriends in that way – ever, and I would never ever try to steal them away, and I never tried to stay friends with any of them after they broke up, I did not stay in touch. I was the perfect friend, but she ofc dident do the same, and even today, she keeps in contact with my ex-boyfriends, wich is kinda a ”girls rule” that you just dont do! Well.. She did, and I just found out in the end, that me and her compared – I was the one who was too good for her. She listned to her folks, and dident let me tagg along with her and her boyfriends when they went out, cause she apparently belived that I would do such a horrid thing. – Never in my life have I ever dated a friends ex, and I never will, it is a rule that I live by, and even if they would find it okay, I wouldent…


What makes a bad friend bad? What makes a good friend good? I cant place it myself, I just feel it, its the things we sacrifice for oneanother, and the things we dont ask, but we just get, and give in return. Have you ever been heart broken by a good friend?

Some friends has been amazing, and a huge warm thanks to these people, I dont even need to mention your names, cause you guys knows who you are. There isent many people that I trust, and even fewer that I call friends, but you guys have won me over, and you deserve everything, thank you. I had a tough life, and I owe very few, but the few very close friends I have, those I owe everything.


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