New arrivals!

Books, books and books!

Yep I 100% have a book craze, but this one series is a goodie, written by Laurell K Hamilton, a great writer, and its like magic, she keeps writing this Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, and its completely awesome, its full of tough bad guys, drama, blood, vampires, shifters, fey people, witches, brujas and other magical people, and ofc regular people, who has no clue what so ever! I love, love, loove these books, their bad-ass, dramatic and full of love and english slang – I love slang!

The book is very well written, due to the weapon reserch and the investigation reserch – she is very authentic, and I love the way she just tries to make it as real as possible, even with beings that never existed. Also I love to se a female thats so kick-ass as Anita, she is my favorite person in all the books I have ever read, and I have read alot.

If you are into the whole twilight cutsie stuff, don’t read these, cause Anita is though as nails, shoot first ask later – My kinda gal’! The twilight saga sorta vanishes beside these books, that explains the ups and downs of any creepy crawlie Laurell K. Hamilton introduces in the book, and I find it amazing, to get so much knowledge about the creatures she introduces to us. This books is for the older group of people who is into vampires and creepie crawlies, these books are a world of magic, mayhem and love.

I bought the last few books from Amazon UK, and have pretty much got them so fast that was humanly possible! They have a great service on that website, and its my favorite site to shop on, cause they just have everything, and at great prices too! A big warm-fuzzy thanks to Amazon! ❤

Hope you guys got just a bit intrested in reading these books, cause they are brilliant!



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