Sushi Friday!


Yesterday (Friday) I had my little sister over for lunch, which was sushi! It was great and we enjoyed ourself very much, we saw “Wreck it Ralph”, ate, talked and went shopping together, just a typical “girly” day. I loved it very much, my sister and I are nearly the same age, she is a bit younger than me and we have some great laughs together! Yesterday was actually the day I bought my Christina London watch.

What did you guys do this Friday?

Today I have been out grocery shopping with my parents, it’s been a while since I saw them, so it was nice to see them again! Also doing some grocery shopping was highly needed, so it was great to get done.. Now I can read a book, relax and do some laundry and watch a movie or something! I am definitely gonna lounge in my armchair, that’s for sure! Hehe…


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