A lot of love to Christina London!

I fell in love..

The new and beautiful Christina London watch’es are amazing, you can mix and match them in whatever way you could ever imagine, and style them with different stones, as in diamonds – two colours (Black and reg. white), rubies and a lot more, you guys should check out her website Christina london!

About her new ”Collect” series:

I have always been a little bit in love with the whole Swiss watch collection Christina has made, and with real diamonds in the best quality, we are talking Top Wesselton VVS here, and its amazing looking really! (A Top Wesselton VVS is an almost flawless stone, only one stone is better and those are pretty rare.) You can get a lot of different styles of watches, you can mix and match colours of stones, and you can even change the ”Top ring” on the watch casing you bought. Her work is flawless, beautiful, and somewhat cheap compared to the original price of really good diamonds, best thing is, she is actually from MY country (Denmark), and has chosen to live in the UK, cause she thought that her watches wouldent really sell all that well in Denmark! She is a talented girl, with a lot of creative ideas, thats for sure, and she swept our feet away with her beautiful watches, she could have stayed in Denmark no problem what so ever..

When I sold her watches, I always wanted one myself, but at that time I was a young teen, and diden’t dare spending the money. Every watch I sold, I made sure the customers knew how special and very unique it was. The work who has gone into these babies are amazing, and its pure intrest for watches, and nothing else! Its not to sell watches, its to create something unique and special for todays girls to wear, that you can pep up any way you like! Its all about being different, and making different choises!


Here its very clear how you guys can use the ”top ring” on the watch piece, to get a different style.. I have an all regular gold ring on mine – the starter one, you might say! I got a little diamond with the watch, those are the ones lying in there, as you see.. Those red stones are rubies, really beautiful aswell.. The intire watch is one big ”build it yourself” piece, and its truly unique! You gotta take a look at mine!



3 thoughts on “A lot of love to Christina London!

  1. Oh I love the new bracelets because when I sold those, they were just regular ones (without the double strap) but now as I saw the new ones, I want one so badly. How do you find it? Is the leather wearing ok? As I had a few patent leather bracelets, those cracked at the bending point when taking the watch off and putting it on.

    • Hey Rasa! 🙂
      Thank you so much for your comment, yeah I love the Christina line, watches, bracelets, rings and earrings, their all amazing! 😛

      I found the watch (the leather straps) quite amazing, mine have never broken or had trouble staying in place, but I can imagine it could create some trouble if the leather straps were too tight or too loose, so its all up to the stores selling the watches and bracelets, to educate their staff in how to fit the straps – cause that does not matter at all! 🙂

      But so far I have been totally in love!

      Its kinda fun that you also sold these, I did too! Even then I was a bit in love with the brand! 😀

      • I was gifted mine from my employer as a Christmas present, it’s been 4 years or more and I am still enjoying it immensely. Back in the days when I’ve been selling those, I couldn’t afford one myself, as they’ve been so pricy, comparatively.

        Sad thing is, that even if I want to buy the collect watch kit, I’d have to do it online as there are none in my country now. And I can’t seem to find any retailers in UK! :/

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