Everlasting nail polish!


The last couple of days I have been sick, I have the flue and seem to just go through an endless amount of tissues – my poor nose! But when I’m sick, I have a glass of wine, and try to just relax as best as possible, and relaxing I am very good at!

So I took on my robe, a nice and fluffy one that is just perfect! And I poured myself a glass of red wine, and lounged in my white leather sofa.

I have been meaning to post an update on my polish and the lasting time these ones has from Bluesky Shellac – cause it is downright amazing! They last and last, and as you guys can see on the pic above – it still looks perfect! (The polish colour is called Dark Lava)

I have decided to do nails at home, for friends and family, I’m not bad at it at all, and I have done a great job before. It’s just a fun thing and nothing work related tho!

All my polishes are bought online, cause the Danish system is a bit screwed up, all the manicure places uses Shellac, and are afraid it will ruin their business if it can be bought in Denmark, and applied at home, oh well.. So I mainly buy it in England. -Thank god for Amazon and EBay!

Have you guys tried using shellac or having nails done in a salon?

Hugs from Mia!


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