The shellac arrived!

The day came…



.. Where I recived my shellac nail polish in the mail, and ended up with some new and awesome colours. I fell in love with ”Dark Lava”, a really lovely dark red that i ordred, with specks of glitter in it. Its pretty awesome, and it looks so EVIL on, its perfect! I havent tried on the other ones yet, there is so many, and I love them all. I will order some more, this time, I will order some more light colours, and some for french nail art, so I can get classy nails whenever I want! – I love doing french nails, they look cute!

I have made some pretty perfect nails on alot of people alredy, friends/family mostly, and I have learned that I love doing nails as a hobby, its pretty relaxing. I like having people over and doing their nails, its great! But it is not something that I wanna do professionally at all, its just a fun and creative hobby. – I have always been fond of creative hobbies, and I always will be.


Today I spend the day with a good neighbour and friend, and we went to Metro (a huge mega-buy supermarket), and looked at their offers. I found a great little shirt for my dog, cause in this cold we have in Denmark, it is not cool to be a dog, with no undercoat! – He is a little Yorkshire Terrier, and as most people know, their coat dosent shead, and needs to be groomed or cut on regular basis, and yeah, I used to trimm him a lot, and I was pretty good at it, (Ive been a hairdresser), but now I decided to grow his hair out, and let him go to a show, to see if he gets good grades. I would like to use him as a breeder, due to his very nice family. Sammi is my baby, and well I do not want kids, so he is my kid, and spoiled to the bone!


I also went to shop in Bilka with my good friend, (Bilka is a regular supermarket) and we did our daily grocery shopping, I wanted to go to Matas (a make-up/besuty product store), but it was closed, damn… I have gotten this card from Matas, and you earn these ”points” that you can use on their online website, to buy point-prizes with! Its kinde neat, you can get a lot of cute stuff, and I got some goodies from Rimmel, I bought the ”Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint & ScandalEyes Eyeliner” from their shop, and I hope their good. Its a lip glossy thing, thats supposed to last a long time, and an eyeliner thats waterproof, woop de doo! Not bad at all really.. I have a few 100 points left, and I hope they get new items in there again soon, cause it would be cool to see if I could find something else that was intresting. The Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint & ScandalEyes Eyeliner was 235 points, and in the store, just to buy the set it costs 120 DKK, not much, but its a 120 DKK that I saved, and im trying something new for once! – I am a ”stick to the same thing” kinda girl, I love the products I know, and dont trust the ones that promise you eternal beauty – but okay, who does? (Im amazed I ended up trying the Shellac nail polish at all, but I do not regret it!)


I bought some pretty cheap pantyhose by Caroline Fleming – A Danish celeb who has some pretty good ideas about fashionable pantyhose! Yey for her, and for me, cause I can wear them! Haha.. Look what I got!





To round things up, I have put some pictures together for you guys, just to see some of my former nail designs – their old and pretty ordinary, but fun to look at. These are done with mostly regular polish, some is shellac tho, I love the one with the little white flower on, check them out, tell me what you think!







Iphone 452




Hope you guys had a good day!


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