Nail polish craze!

I am in love!

This is a fashion nail statement list I had to make for you guys – you can NEVER have too much nail polish! It can spice up your outfits, freshen up make-up and get you some awesome compliments. Who dosent love that? ❤

The Bluesky Shellac is one of my favorite nail polish brands, I have none other that I love this much anymore, not even Essie, who have some amazing colours, but the Bluesky Shellac just beats them, hands down! I will show you guys the colours I have from Bluesky Shellac alredy and the ones I want in the future! They have some adorable, fantastic, exiting and cool colours, so there is alot to choose from!

shellac omg

This one is called ”OMG” – funny name, but pretty awesome colour!

Story behind: Well, I was searching for a ”girly” yet dark colour, and found this one on ebay, thinking it looked amazing, yet not too girly, wich I just cant pull off. DONT give me pink clothes – ever, cause I wont wear it, haha!

rock royalty

This one is called ”Rock Royalty”, a really dark purple, and it rocks!

Story behind: I was looking for a dark, but without it being directley black, this one caught my eye, and just amazed me. This is really rock n’ roll!


A beautiful colour ”Teal Blue Green” wich is nice for parties!

Story behind: Well have you ever had that feeling ”What do I wear for new years” or any party to be honest? I have this little blue dress, and it would match perfect with this colour. Also, this one will look awesome with blue jeans, oww tasty!


Again a dark colour, and its fantastic! This one is called ”Dark lava”

Story behind: Well, my sister has an Essie polish that looks like this a bit; dark, glittery beauty! I wanted one who lasted longer tho! So I looked at Ebay and and found this one, it works for everyday wear and looks adorable with a white knitted sweater in winter-time!

These above are the ones I have and they are pretty ok in price, I have payed £6,80 for the ”Rock Royalty” one and the ”OMG” one on Ebay, and they were shipped amazingly fast, just remember to get them from countries that dosent require huge taxes for shipping. I live in Denmark – So I choose to get the nail polish from the UK and Ireland and so on.

This are the babies that I want!


This is called ”Autumn Frost” and the colour is just adorable for a fancy party, the whole glittery surface is just so slick and pretty that it could work out a long dress!


This is called ”Crystal Sienna” its a little like the polish above, but more pink/bronze’ish – Also a super colour for parties!


This polish called ”Diamond storm” is beautiful due to the almost space-like depth it has, and can be used for a night out, and well, I could use it for every day wear too!

So, do you guys have a favorite nail polish colour? Do share!


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