Shellac battle!

Battle of the best shellac!

Okay, so everyone might know the name Shellac? – CND was the creater of the concept I belive, but the name Shellac has been used for a long time before nail polish was even created. Even today regular paint is called something with ”shell”.. So.. You guys, who do you think has the best shellac?

Shellac nail polish is a polish that stays on the nail for 2 – 3 weeks, depending on what work you have and what products you buy (some might say atleast), and its a mix between a gel and colour, that only goes dry under UV/LED lights. A fantastic new way to keep your nails looking perfect! Females all over the world has used this for a long time, and NOW us regular people are beginning to be able to buy these babies from the stores, online and through companies. -This is the new nail revolution!

CND shellac is the creator of the fantastic UV light system,

and has also made some amazing shades of nail polish! But darn their expensive!

Bluesky shellac is a ”follow” company, their colour group is almost identical to the CND ones,

and they also use the term ”shellac” in their name.

Depend Gellack is a very new brand, they dident dare to use the word ”shellac”!

And has come to Denmark in our local stores, making it possible for everyone to make these gorgeous nails..

Is there anyone who knows other shallac companys? What are your opiniun about shellac, is CND the one who holds the copyright? Or is it okay for the others to play along, and lower the prices? Have any of you girls tried the Shellac’s listed above? Or any other brand alike? Give me your opiniun! Im DYING to know what all of you think..






3 thoughts on “Shellac battle!

  1. Depend Gellack: This one is easy to apply, a real ”Beginners polish” when it comes to gel nails, but it can have a bit of problems of the ”chipping / bubbeling up” kinda thing. I however love the easy way you just apply it! The only downside is that you can really FEEL the polish on the nails, they feel .. somewhat heavier? Its strange – but true!

    Bluesky Shellac: Has NO feel of the polish when its applied. Its a little harder to apply, due to the fact that when you put on one layer, it might not cover the whole nail, but if you apply once more, on the wet nail, it can ruin the effect the first stroke had on the nail (This is only on glittery nails, like the one in my later post the OMG colour) – Depend Gellack dosent do that! BUT Bluesky is amazing when it comes to non chipping, it just STICKS to your nail, so be sure to apply nicely and use alot of time on it, cause this one LASTS girls..

    The Depend Gellack is the cheapest version of the two nail polishes, and I have to say, that I would go for Bluesky Shellac, cause it just hardens much better, and dosent chip, or bubble up.

    I use the Depend bottom coat and the top coat tho, cause their pretty great, and they have a nice smooth feeling to them. 🙂 But I would go for Bluesky Shellac!

  2. Am leaning towards bluesky as it has the same longevity and ease of application but for the fraction of the CND price!

    My fiend has the whole set and it lasts anything from 13 – 16days and her nails have grown pretty long since she started using them so I have purchased a few colours to try them out 🙂

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