Music and thoughts

A day filled of thoughts

  • Song of the day: Demi Lovato – Skyscraper
  • Newest bought item whilst out shopping: Ecco shoes, black, AWESOME.
  • Newest purchase: Shellac from ebay, Rock Royalty and OMG
– Pictures will be shown below in this post!

I dont know why I choose the song to be skyscraper, but I guess its about living, overcoming and rising for me at the moment. It havent been the best time for me the last few weeks, and this whole month will be hard on me aswell. But I will rise again, I know it, sometimes life just dosent turn out the way you want it to, and it surprises you so completely. I never thought it possible, but I was very surprised, faith turned a bit, and here I am, trying to get a grip. – But I will, I have to. So these past weeks, I have treated myself really nice, trying to forgive, forget and most importantly – to never regret that you tried.

Mostly though I feel lucky. I have everything I ever wanted, and I just need to work a little harder to get every piece of the puzzle to match up.

shellac omg

rock royalty




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