Make-up by Mia!

I Got a great advice on another blog, (I will link the blog on my comments!) and I just had to try this neat little trick.. I call it “the spoon trick” – a great way to fix your lashes!

My steps through make-up:











1) Lay all your make-up equipment out in front of you.

2) get some base on your hand as shown, and apply gently.

3) apply the concealer for “dark lines” or blemishes where you wish to add it, I have a bit of dark under my eyes, so I add it here.

4) the spoon trick! Drag it, like shown, like a gift band you wanna curl, drag it UP tords your eyebrow, for a curly effect.

5) the eyeliner, I use a “wet” eyeliner, and I truly love this one! Easy to apply.

6) mascara! I use max factor 2000 calories, it’s no less than brilliant, I truly love it.

7) add rouge if wanted, I added a tiny bit on my cheekbones.

8) hair is important too! I use a straightening iron called “GHD pink cherry blossom” and it’s fantastic. GHD is the only way, when you tried it, your sold!

9) start with the bangs, and work your way into the hair from there, it’s easier like that.

10) add lip balm – and your result is this. XD

I love make-up, and the spoon lash curl really worked, a great tip for lashes who dosent wanna sit quite right!


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