Gellack from Depend





The new and amazing Gellack from Depend has surprised me and left me speechless! I thought “Yeah right!” when I saw the nail polish at the nearest Matas, and decided not to buy it at first, I dident want to be fooled.. But I was so wrong, I found more and more people who tried this polish from Depend and had found it worked and loved it! I just had to try it out, and so I did..

At first I thought the whole LED light was total BS (pardon my French) and I did not think it would ever dry, but in the end, it actually did, and I was amazed! The result is beautiful and it just stays there for ages, no more “re-applying” the polish, it just keeps going!

Every femme fatale with a love for their nails and pretty polish should try this! I LOVED it.. Easy to apply, but you do need a steady hand, do NOT get it on your fingers, it isn’t healthy, at least it says so on the box, haha! XD

I’m pretty skilled with applying polish, and I found it easy to handle and simple! These are the few steps involved:

You make sure all your nails are the propper length that you want them in and then you begin!

Apply the cleanser “before and after cleanser” on all the nails first.

Then you leave out the thumb, due to the LED light not reaching all fingers at the same time – so… Only start with the four fingers to begin with and do both thumbs at the same time.

You start off with base coat “step 2” and put a nice even and thin layer on. This will make sure your nail ain’t getting colour smudges on from the nail polish you choose and will keep your polish nice looking for a long time!

Then you put the wet polish in the LED light, and wait 30 seconds – the light is timed for exactly 30 seconds, and will turn off by itself – easy!

You now have a still wet surface, but it’s dried enough to apply the next.

Then you choose a colour you would like and apply this, nice even strokes – not too thick.

Again in the LED light – 30 seconds

Re-apply colour coat if needed

Another LED light session

Now apply the top coat polish, thin and even strokes, and make sure it covers all the colour.

Again an LED light session – 30 sec

Finish off with the cleanser – this is VERY important, this is the stuff that will harden your nails and make them non sticky.

During all the steps, your nails will feel sticky, and not dried at all – don’t be alarmed, when finishing off with the “before and after cleanser” your nails will be perfectly dry and ready to go!

An amazing product!!


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