A new beginning

I am yet again unable to sleep

So me having insomnia again, results in yet another post in my blog. Today has been a little hectic, and started with one of my fameous migraines, that comes and goes ever so often, and I hate them. Me being a little ”under the weather” alredy, kinda dident need another thing to think about. Oh well, just my luck, and now, I have been driving in a little to high gear even though the illness. -Whatever right?

I searched for my first job as a multimediadesigner, pretty intimidating and scary though, but I searched at a company that I really liked, and thought was creative and inventive. I want creativity in my life, and fun! No reason to be bored, its my life – And you only live once! I told them about me loving to design things, logos, texts and so on, and how I thought I could help their firm, and how it would be the perfect place for me, to grow, evolve and be better at designing! I hope to get an anwser, even though its a no, and even though I get a 100 NO, then maybe, somewhere out there, there is one yes, thats just waiting for me.

I dream alot, and I dream big, and who am I to blame? I grew up in a family, where dreaming is allowed, and where there weren’t any limits to what I could be, only I created my limits, and as a kid, I was taught that everyone could succeed if they want it bad enough. I truly belive that, deep in my bones.

The title on my post this late night is ”A new beginning” and is mainly what this is, a new step, in the right direction, achieving a goal of mine, that I have dreamt of for such a long time. Im a girl with big dreams, and I will keep dreaming, cause dreaming and fighting does makes everything come true. Maybe you will fail trying, and everyone will fail atleast once, but the thing that really shows character in a person, is how they rise, and how they keep on fighting. Everyone skinns their knees, its a part of life, and it is how you rise from it, that I judge a person on. Every scar you get, is just another step towards a goal, that you want so badly.

I loved my teachers on this education, they have been intresting, wise, creative and inventive. I just hope to make them proud, and go out there, and find a nice job, and create a great future for me and my fiancé, cause thats what I have been fighting for, what I have wanted to achieve. To have a job that allows me to be creative everyday, is just the cherry on top of the sundaye, and that, is what my teachers has helped me do. Soon I will be leaving school – in ½ a year to be excact, and I will always look back at this with joy. Thank you, for everything.


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