My new years resolutions

A pre-happy new year!

All the way from Denmark …

My resolutions this new year

1) Drink less Coca Cola 2) Finish my education 3) Forgive people for all the dumb shit they have said and done towards me, cause really, who the hell cares about it anyway? 4) Dont take everything so personal, sometimes its not you but them 5) Enjoy life as its supposed to 6) Dont dwell in the past, but remember it with gladness 7) Be thankful for what you got alredy

This year of 2012 has been difficult, amazing, fun, annoying, and so reassuring. I moved out this year, Im on my own two feet, and I have been together with my fiancé for four years, this year – Even though this year has had its ups and downs, I wouldent have missed it for the world. I love my life, and the people in it, who is close to me.


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