A cold turkey!

Well today I had a pretty fucked up day… I have gone “cold turkey” as its said, and have not had Coca Cola for three full days now, and damn I’m addicted! It kinda frightens me, when I drink alcohol I never get drunk, and I have never been puking due to me getting drunk, I actually don’t like drunk people, and therefore I do not get drunk myself, but I can have alcohol, I just don’t drown myself in it. I never ever did drugs! – haven’t even smoked weed! I have never stolen anything, or ruined others property on purpose! But addiction, yes apparently.. But I’m kicking my Coca Cola habit from now on, and it’s just horrible I tell you!

I’m having hot flashes, headaches, lack of energy, insomnia and worst of all, I am constantly annoyed… I feel like a pregnant woman! – My poor fiancé! Painkillers don’t work at all, sleep makes it worse, and at the end of this day, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Never again will I drink Coca Cola! – Just to think what this has been putting my body through, and I feel this is bad, poor people who is addicted to heroin! The thought of something controlling me like that is just.. Scary! But it has been controlling me, Cola has been my drug..

But now it’s done. At least I am trying to kick the habit, and while I was at work today, I felt so bad I just can’t explain it, I felt queazy and nauseous, but I got over it, and did my job, cause I love my job, my boss and my co-workers! But I must admit it was hard on me, and I wasn’t feeling at my best. I’m proud though, cause I did it, and I even got a lot of praise from several costumers, telling me that I had provided them with brilliant service – that means everything for me! Thank you to the costumers, it brought me a lot of warmth, in a pretty bad looking time. You guys saved my day!

Have anyone of you ever had an addiction to coca cola?

With love..


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