Over exited!

I have had a great few days at work! My boss is amazing, and makes sure to tell me when she thinks I have done good! That’s something I really appreciate! I feel so valued at work, it’s just perfect, I couldn’t wish for a better place to be working, I just feel like I won the lottery!

This week I did some shopping too! I bought a vacuumer, “Nilfisk” the brand is called, and is pretty much one of the best out there, I’m pretty exited about when it’s gonna arrive! The old one was very cheap and well.. It broke after only a year, so that sucked!

Today (Sunday) my friend and I planned a day of going to flea markets! We went to one, and it kinda sucked.. So we went in stores instead, and in Maxi Zoo I found a great “Dog IQ game” for Sammi, he already tried one and I just knew he would love it! It was a great and relaxing day, and my little sister tagged along, she was bored so I asked if she wanted to go with.. I had dinner at my parents house today, it’s been a whole since I’ve seen them, so it was nice to see them again!

Now I have been living in my apartment with Alex for almost a year, and I have gotten used to living on my own by myself, with Alex by my side, doing the laundry and the cleaning, making a budget for everything, and I must say, that we have done really good the two of us! It’s been great living on our own, and I love it! Every step of the way has been a great journey and something I will look back at, as so special and exiting.

With love..


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